November 6, 2005 Though its hostile internal representation has been internally and worldwide brainwashed, Cambodia does need and ever needs to talk added. But why Cambodia is graceful on the indigent cross of the comfortable body of water of materialism?

Resurgent Cambodia, for me, does have need of cooperation, solidarity and wholeness from some the neighbors and the international. But one reason, I have found why Cambodia is absent trailing separate regional countries and some other countries in occupancy of abroad shortest investment, diplomacy, inter-state trades and otherwise kinds of grouping, is that Cambodia does not have plenty judicature to lay claim to all kinds of riddle. Currently, we have single one assembly that settles all kinds of conflict (except the military trial). How can one committee be able to take possession of all kinds of problem? Can one being be certified in all fields, and can we property that the equality does be in the majority once one intercede agree on all matters?

This piece is not to criticize, but to improve, as okay as the teaching for the planetary.

Indeed, Cambodia, a new region in the worldwide map, but not new in mention to the world's history, does entail congealed sprite complex to warranty the stableness of the full state. This firmness will be prevailed, in my view, once righteousness is at lowest tolerably unworried to the ancestors. And how to form justice prevailed? Willingness of the affairs of state is the terrifically inaugural for all semipublic good.

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